• Special Issue "Hydrogeology in Tunisia"


    Tunisia belongs to North African countries. It extends over 164,000 km2 with a typical Mediterranean climate. Groundwater is one of the most important natural resources in the country. Groundwater is critical for social and economic activities. It is the main source of water in Tunisia, accounting for approximately 70% of the country's total water resources. It is extracted through wells and boreholes, and it is used for a variety of purposes, including drinking, irrigation, and industrial processes.

    Despite the importance of groundwater in Tunisia, its management faces several challenges. One of the main challenges is the overexploitation of aquifers, particularly in coastal areas. This has led to decline in water levels and the intrusion of saltwater, which render the water unusable for irrigation and other purposes. The lack of regulation and enforcement of groundwater use constitute another challenge leading to illegal abstraction and uncontrolled drilling of wells.

    To address these challenges, it is necessary to deepen the hydrogeological knowledge on the Tunisian aquifer systems through efficient tools such as geophysical and geochemical approaches to quantify the renewable groundwater resources and to avoid their overexploitation. Furthermore, nature-based solutions such as Managed Aquifer Recharge, together with a robust legislation may improve the groundwater status and management in Tunisia.

    The proposed Special Issue aims to shed light on the challenges and opportunities related to groundwater resources in Tunisia, and to showcase innovative approaches and best practices that can contribute to their sustainable use and management.

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