Karst springs of Apennines typified by upwelling flux

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Francesco Fiorillo
Libera Esposito
Mauro Pagnozzi *
Sabatino Ciarcia
Giovanni Testa
(*) Corresponding Author:
Mauro Pagnozzi | pagnozzi.mauro@libero.it


The hydraulic phenomenon of upwelling, affecting several karst springs of Apennines, has been investigated through piezometric data at different depth and chemical-physical data of springs water. Three different springs in Campania region were analyzed (Serino, Grassano and Caposele springs), characterized by three different groundwater schemes, but with the same upwelling phenomena at the springs. Some data (spring discharge and piezometric levels) have been acquired from the municipal waterwork,. Other data (physical-chemical parameters and Radon values (222Rn)) have been collected ad hoc in spring waters, included the spring discharges of Grassano springs. All the data pointed out that karst springs considered are fed by groundwater flux that locally is vertical. This features, common to others springs of Apennines, can be relevant in the realization of the tapping work, in their maintenance and for the definition of the protection area of the springs.

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